Copywriting: The Effective Guide with 3 step selling formula

Copywriting Guide

Copywriting! It’s a thing, which practiced with perfection can yield incremental results. What if I say you that, after reading this entire article, you will not ask people to buy solutions from you, instead, people will themselves rush towards you.

So before I proceed further, let us first understand what is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing the text for advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Definition as described on Wikipedia.

Indeed, I would say that this is an art which was kept hidden from the mass so that it can’t be copied by everybody. So, let me first show you what are the most basic human desires. There are in general 8 desires which people crave for as listed below.

Copywriting consists of 8 Basic Human Desires/Needs

  1. Survival
  2. Enjoyment of Food & beverages
  3. Free from Fear & Pain
  4. Sexual Companionship
  5. Comfortable Living Conditions
  6. Being Superior and Successful
  7. Care & Protection of Loved Ones
  8. Social Approval (People care about what others say)

Remember, people give the first preference to the above 8 desires. Nothing is more important for them in their life.

Now, going a bit deeper into human desires, let me show you what comes the very next in terms of desire, I call it as Secondary Human Desires. Again, these human desires are described in general in 8 multiple forms.

8 Secondary Human Desires (Are less strong than previous ones)

  1. They need to be informed
  2. Curiosity
  3. Convenience
  4. Expression of Self
  5. Cleanliness
  6. Economy & Profit
  7. Bargains
  8. Fun

Of course, all these human desires are highly important for people in their life, but don’t forget what has been mentioned in the above section: “Nothing is important to people than the 8 basic human desires”.

While selling, the first preferences are given to 8 basic human desires, then after it can be focused on secondary desires. It is not necessary to use all of these human desires while writing your copy. But you could combine multiple desires to improve your copy.

Now, as you have become aware of the basic (primary) and secondary human desires, let me take you to the secret 3 Step Sales Formula which everybody, every organization follows to convert people into their buyers.

The 3 Step Selling Formula is: TENSION >> DESIRE >> ACTION.

Sounds simple? Ok, let me give you an example.

  • Example 1: Jaya was using a shampoo brand for many years, and in fact, she loved the smell of coconut after the bath. But the moment she saw an Ad on TV mentioning that other/regular shampoos cause hair loss over the years, she ran to the stores to buy this new product, even when she had no hair loss problem.
  • Example 2: John purchased a high-tech camera and installed it in the house to keep his house safe from thieves.

In both the above examples, the common cause was TENSION, and humans had a DESIRE to get themselves relieve from that tension. Hence, they took ACTION to make a purchase.

  • TENSION: Situation which makes a user comfortless, and which can be solved/improved/cured.
  • DESIRE: A product that solves/improves the comfortless situation (this is generally shown by an advertiser).
  • ACTION: This is what a user opts for to ease the situation.

So now, as you have become aware of this 3 step selling formula (which is the secret of copywriting), I would like you to apply it and see how tremendously it generates results.

Take any product surrounding you, and create a mini-scenario of a character following the 3-step formula to buy the product. Create an imaginary character, based on the product create some kind of imaginary TENSION, describe how your product can ease out the tension so your character can DESIRE for it. Repeat this process for different products to gain confidence.

By now, you should have practiced the 3 Step Selling formula. So, you have already gained confidence in drafting your next selling strategy.

But before you begin, I would like you to share a very important recipe that can add more value to your 3 Step Selling Formula, in fact, this recipe will work as your personal hitman, and by looking at him, people will unknowingly become highly uncomfortable and will get triggered to buy from you.

This recipe is known as “The 6 Primary Sale Triggers”. Advertisers use these widely while presenting the Ads, or while demonstrating the product/service. As this is your personal hitman, I would like you to groom him on the following 6 topics so well that in your absence he can perform the required task with complete satisfaction.

1. Stories

It is a well-known fact that people can connect with the stories. People can easily grasp the message and sometimes can even imagine themselves inside the story. Stories reach the emotional part of the brain.

Studies say that 95% of cognition happens in the emotional part of the brain. And, the majority of buying decisions are emotional.

Take an example of RedBull – Story says that RedBull gives you wings, here, the drink itself doesn’t provide you wings/energy, they’ve created a story around that so they can reach people’s Emotional Part of the brain and make them feel this energy once they drink.

2. The Reason “WHY”

People tend to know what is going on behind the stage. And till the time they are unaware, they remain curious. Ellen Langer (Researcher from the UK), found that simply providing a reason for something will get others to agree with you.

To study this scenario, the researcher went into the queue where people were taking print-outs. She then broke the line to take-out the prints and found that around 64% of people allowed her to come forward.

Then next time, when she broke the line, she provided a reason why she was coming ahead (she gave a reason that she was in a Rush), and around 94% of people allowed her to proceed. Next time, she simply created a Fake Reason by breaking the line and found that around 93% of people allowed here to proceed.

This clearly shows the power of using “BECAUSE” to explain why people should buy your product. Mastering this will make you an expert in copywriting.

3. Reciprocity

Usually, you would have seen that people don’t keep favors, they return them as and when they get an opportunity. Into their mind, it gives them a sensation of equality.

So, by considering this, give something for free before you sell anything to them. It can be an eBook, a video, a piece of software. Anything as long as it’s Free and valuable can be given.

People will come to you to make a purchase when needed because you have given them free value, and they feel obliged.

4. Authority

Who do we trust more? People who are simply talking something without any prior knowledge or those who are already aware of the topic? Of course, we trust people who know what they’re talking about. We don’t take advice from an Investment Banker if he himself is having a financial problem, but we surely will take advice from a successful businessman.

Hence, make people know that you know about the topic which you are speaking. Now, this can be done by mentioning your achievements publicly. But, your achievements (Authority) can’t be mentioned by yourself publicly as it won’t give much impact.

So, you can make others do it for you. And there are various ways of doing this like “collect reviews from happy customers and display them in your sales page, get endorsements by other authority figures.

5. Scarcity

Don’t know why, but limitations are what people get attracted to. We prefer things that are “limited” (“rare”). Something available for less, people want it more.

For example, sales will be increased if it is shown on the counter that “Only 3 pieces/copies left”. Alternatively, eCommerce companies give away discounts during festivals for a limited time period (1 week).

Considering this, you should set a deadline when launching a product.

There were some statistics done on this point. It was found that a Course seller, converted his Course Landing Page into “Coming Soon Course Page”. On this page, people had to leave their email-id to get notified when the course will arrive; after a month, he started sending emails to all people who had left their emails saying that “Course is now available, but only for 4 days!” with this he saw 75% of the increase in revenue.

6. Social Proof

Don’t we like to intimate what others are doing? Not always. But in some case, yes, we would definitely do exactly what others are doing.

Let’s take an example, “If we had to choose from 2 restaurants where one was modern/new/attractive but with Zero people sitting in it, and other being old/not-attractive but filled with a crowd enjoying tasty dishes, then into which restaurant we would prefer to walk-in? Of course, we will like to go to the 2nd restaurant.

Reviews on e-commerce website are also social proof.

We intimate others because it validates our buying decisions. It helps us to think that, “when so many people are doing, then I’m doing right”. Hence, also add customer testimonials in your plan.

Now is the time to begin with your next sales strategy. You already know what are the basic (primary) and secondary human desires. You can also get a couple of more insights on Copywriting from

You also got to know about the secret 3 Step Selling Formula, and in addition to that, you have the 6 Primary Sale Triggers which acts as your personal Hitman and will force your target audience to purchase from you.

So, as you are now an expert in copywriting, I think you would also like to explore more on what is Content Marketing and the benefits of using it, by clicking on this link.

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